Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Village Games, July 12th, 2009 'Living Forgotten Realms' RPGA Play

We had our usual monthly LFR game day at Village Games this past Sunday.

We had three morning games scheduled, but due to a lack of minimum players in one game and some no-shows in others, we melded down into two of the modules. The two modules were EAST 1-1 (East Rift: 'These Hallowed Halls', L1-4) and AGLA 1-1 (Aglarond: 'Lost Temple of the Fey Gods', L1-4).

I played in AGLA 1-1 (Aglarond: 'Lost Temple of the Fey Gods', L1-4). I've actually played this module before, so I used a new character: Merrin Berryfoot, a halfling rogue. I have a couple of other characters I've created, including a human Tempus cleric, but I really have wanted to play the halfling rogue. Nicholas DM'd as usual. I think we might have actually had four players (the minimum for a game), but I believe he defected to EAST 1-1. Daniel didn't have his session to DM, so he joined us. He played Fargrim, a dwarf fighter. Angie played her usual character, the gnome bard Roselyn. Joe also played his usual character, the human evoker Gil-Glin. Everyone lived, though Fargrim was dropped and frequently heavily damaged. Of course, he's a fighter.

This was EAST 1-1. I was originally scheduled to play in this, but due to the player situation I opted to go play with the usual suspects. Also, a lot of these guys were friends or related, and I suspected they would like to game together. It seems every time I try to play EAST 1-1 something happens. The game gets canceled, I get bumped or some other fortuitous event occurs. Drat!

This was our last group. Originally, EAST 1-1 was actually the only scheduled game, but as we had enough people we split into two tables. We ended up playing MOON 1-1 (Moonshae Isles: 'Nature's Wrath', L1-4). Myself and Angie continued using our characters from earlier, but Joe switched to a human psion. Daniel left to go run EAST 1-1 as scheduled, and we were joined by Mike. I've played in LFR with Mike before at The Source out in Falcon Heights, and he brought his halfling paladin Burlap. The module wasn't the greatest, at least in the lower tier. We had a bit of a discussion at the beginning over whether we should play up or not. We decided as we only had four players with characters at mostly the lower end of the L1-4 range that it would probably be wisest to play down. Merrin (my character) did come close once or twice to dropping, but most of the PCs came out with little damage. The storyline did make for some comedic RP though.

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