Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Village Games, July 7th, 2009 'Combat Cards' Summer League Opener

Last night was the first day of the Combat Cards Summer League.

There were six players total. A seventh showed up but the eighth wasn't able to make it, so #7 had to sit out.

The campaign is based during the Kursk campaign, specifically at Ponyri Station. Ponyri was a heavily fortified railway station, which sat on the main rail link between Kursk and Orel. It was also a major agricultural marshaling yard area for the surrounding region's collective farms. It would see some of the most brutal fighting of the Kursk campaign.

This was Dan versus Herb.

Another pairing at war.

Josh meeting his doom. Josh had almost no terrain and had some force construction issues involving artillery if I remember correctly. At the end all he had left at the final turn was a couple or mortar stands behind the buildings at the lower left. Unfortunately for them, their commander had long been useless and as a result they pretty much sat there as easy pickings. He should do better next round though, provided he doesn't take the same forces. ;)

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